Music from the Original Motion Picture

by Galaga: The Movie

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released July 15, 2009

marcos funes - vocals/guitar
kevin escalante - drums/vocals



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Galaga: The Movie California

Galaga: The Movie is:

Marcos Funes - Vocals/Guitar
Kevin Escalante - Drums

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Track Name: threehorns never play with longnecks
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Track Name: polaroids
My throat is feeling numb, with thoughts of losing all my teeth. Im so sick of all these thoughts. These thoughts of you and me. I'll be dead in a week. They'll hang me from trees, just like the tv's in my dreams. So, let me fuck all your friends and watch my dreams become reality.
Track Name: tammy banks
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Track Name: dave delahoz
I can't feel my teeth. The devil is coming for me, i know