Galaga: The Movie

by Galaga: The Movie

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released July 2, 2014

Marcos Funes - guitar/vocals
Kevin Escalante - drums

Recorded by Kevin in Sacramento, Ca
Mixed by Stephen Hines
Artwork by Niko



all rights reserved


Galaga: The Movie California

Galaga: The Movie is:

Marcos Funes - Vocals/Guitar
Kevin Escalante - Drums

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Track Name: Chubbie
If i we're more educated, i'd come up with better ways to bring you down, but, alas, im a fuck up. Id rather sit and jerk off, than put forth the effort. It's odd, i just don't give a fuck. I'm not being a prick, i'm just literally sick. As i write down these words, i ask my nurse, "Could you spell check this for me?"
Track Name: Stumptown
I'd sell my soul to the devil for a slice of you and the power of flight. And just like that, i'm floating 80 feet high. Surfing the rain soaked clouds down to your house, to sit perched on your tree, waiting patiently. For that perfect moment to snatch you up and take you away. Far, far away. Oh, and what pure bliss it was
Track Name: Shit Wave
Is it just me, or is this room getting smaller? "I think its you" he said. I took a drink, held my breath and jumped right out the window. And i fell into a madness that you wouldn't fucking believe. As if god himself had spread open his cheeks and shit all over me. And all i could think was, 'please just kill me"
and away i float...
Track Name: Climate Best By Nobody's Test
I cant tell if its my dirty sheets, or just my lack of personal hygiene, but i swear i can smell you from here. The stench of your unwashed hair will haunt me for years. Until im too old to move, too seniel to care.
Track Name: Pitted
Try'na get high on the shoreline? We'll soak our feet to our knees. We'll drown ourselves in the filth of our bodies and float out to sea. We'll encounter some pelicans, they'll treat us like kings. What do you got to lose, my little awkward muse? Wait, i think we've made a terrible mistake. "They taste better than i ever imagined" said the serpent to his friends, as they ate our intestines.
Track Name: Poolside Waitress
Whats the most that you've lost in a coin toss?
I think there's only one solution...
Track Name: Brundle
Is it cliche to say that im losing my shit? well, ive never had it to begin with.